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AI Story
Generator is

what we do

Discover the power of AI development tools, crafted with brilliance, style, quality and creativity.

Fei Jin

Creative Operations

Easy to Use

Our ecosystem is the only no-code solution for creatives that helps them generate comic book stories into interactive NFTs

Reliable Experts

Partnered with Fuelarts & Tezos, our members are provided the best experts in the fields of art and technology for this next generation of storytelling

Endless Possibilities

Generative AI has become an important component to exploring the endless possibilities of storytelling and art creation to a new audience in a new dynamic way

Unique Technologies

Using AI is only part of introducing new ways of telling stories, we have stacked the best emerging tech tools for our members to use in creating Interactive NFTs that allow their fans to connect and experience the art creations
Welcome to Comic 30

Easy ways to use advance AI tools to create stories

Comic 30 is the next generation of creating graphic novels to tell stories with new interactive methods. Our AI tools expand a creatives mind and allows them to explore the art of storytelling, discover new ways of immersing their fans, and connect their audience to imaginative creations, all within an easy to use application.

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AI Story Generator FAQs

We made it simple and easy to get started with AI Storytelling by providing simple to use AI tools inside our creative application. To start, just register, create an account, and begin using the AI tools. It’s that easy!

The image size depends on the style and type of story you want to create. We provide different layouts and dimensions to select from. We even have a “Magic Tool” you can use to generate your best story. 

Absolutely! Our AI Story tools were made to help you develop an interactive storytelling experience that can be minted as an Interactive NFT. We wanted to provide creatives the best AI has to offer so they could bring their stories to life.

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